Which judges are the best in the world?

The word ‘best’ doesn’t always translate as it does in Australian politics, where judges are usually awarded points for their decisions and political clout.

But in Australia, there are some judges who are better at what they do than the average voter.

Here are some of the judges most influential in the country’s history.

Brett Hull – The American actor, singer, director and songwriter Brett Hull was born in the US in 1943 and grew up in New Jersey.

He starred in such movies as The Breakfast Club, The Fugitive, The Godfather and The Hunt for Red October, winning an Oscar in 1984.

Dennis Rodman – The US basketball star was born on the island of Coronado, in the Bahamas.

He played college basketball at Miami University and was drafted into the US Army, serving with the 82nd Airborne Division during the Vietnam War.

Nick Nolte – The New York Times columnist is best known for his popular column, The Times, which was published since 1972.

The column is also credited with influencing the American presidential election of 1968.

Sophie Collins – The British actor, comedian and writer Sophie Collins is best remembered for her role as the British ambassador to Paris in The Princess Bride.

She was also a member of the British parliament in the 1970s and became a member in 2010.

Judging the best judges in Australia: 1.

Judge Judy – The judge is a former judge in the British Columbia Supreme Court and is known for her high standards.

She has been a judge since 1994.

She is a judge for the Pacific Islands Court of Arbitration, a panel of judges in the Pacific region that covers parts of New Zealand, the Cook Islands, Samoa and Tonga.


Judge Brett Hull – Hull is a famous Australian actor and musician.

He is best-known for his role as Brett Hull in the film Gladiator, which won him a Golden Globe for Best Actor.


Judge Dennis Rodman (US Basketball Player) – Rodman played college ball at Miami, where he was drafted in the NBA in 1992.

He spent three seasons in the Dallas Mavericks’ NBA Development League before being traded to the Bulls in 1995.


Judge Judith Collins (Australian Parliamentary Representative) – The Australian MP is known as a strong advocate for the environment and a strong supporter of women.

She served as an MP for the Melbourne seat of Higgins from 2006 to 2012.


Judge Nick Nolten (US Senator) – Nolton is a Republican politician, former New York Governor and former president of the United States.

He was a co-sponsor of the “Gang of Eight” immigration bill that was introduced in the wake of the 2012 presidential election.


Judge Jonathan Gold (US Ambassador to France) – Gold is a US diplomat who has been on the US State Department staff since 2013.

He has been in France since 2013 and has been serving as the UN special representative for global poverty.


Judge Julie Collins (Australia Parliamentary Representative and former Australian MP) – Collins is a senior member of Parliament and former deputy prime minister.

She serves on the House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee and the Committee on Trade and Industry.


Judge Jacqueline Birdwell (Australian Member of Parliament) – Birdwell is the Member for Western Australia, which is home to the nation’s largest indigenous population.

She sits on the Environment and Planning Committee.


Judge Diane Black (Australian Chief Justice) – Black is the Chief Justice of the Federal Court of Australia and is a well-known Australian barrister.

She also sits on a number of committees and is the chair of the Law Reform Committee.


Judge George Brandis (Australian Federal Police Commissioner) – Brandis is the Deputy Prime Minister and is responsible for law enforcement in Australia.

He previously served as the Minister of Defence from 2007 to 2013.


Judge Michael McCormack (Australian Attorney-General) – McCormack is the Attorney- General and is also a former Chief of the Joint Agency Counter Terrorism Taskforce.

McCormack was the Federal Commissioner for the Australian Federal Police from 2015 to 2018.


Judge Susan Brogan (Australian Minister of Health) – Brogan is the Minister for Health.

She currently chairs the Parliamentary Select Committee on Intelligence and Security.


Judge Ian Davidson (Australian Prime Minister) – Davidson is the Prime Minister of Australia.

His Government has taken a tough stance against terrorism.

He also served as a member for the NSW Parliament from 2001 to 2006.


Judge Christopher Dyson (Australian Supreme Court Judge) – Dyson is the Supreme Court judge in Australia and a barrister and advocate.


Judge David Marler (Australian Judge)  – Marler is the Federal Judge for the Northern Territory.

He served as Assistant Federal Attorney- for the ACT, South Australia and Western Australia from 2005 to 2013, and is currently the

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