You know the drill, the World Cup is on. But what about the actual results?

Now, we know that the final will take place in the United Kingdom on Sunday, but for most of us, the final is already here, and that’s because of the heat.

In fact, it’s going to happen.

The World Cup kicks off at 10am on Sunday.

That means the average temperature in the UK is going to be in the 90s (or maybe even the high 90s).

But we’ll get to that in a minute.

First, the official temperatures in the two main cities of Birmingham and Manchester are all set to drop into the low-to-mid 80s.

Those temperatures are expected to be the norm in the country by Sunday morning.

In London, the average is expected to drop below freezing by 10am.

That will be even more devastating in Manchester, which is expecting temperatures to drop to -12C by Monday.

That’s the lowest temperature ever recorded in the city.

The low temperatures in Birmingham are so bad, they will have the lowest average temperature ever reported in the British capital.

So we know they’re on track to get a record low.

And the weather is set to get much worse in Manchester.

In the South of England, temperatures will drop into negative 80s, and the coldest temperatures will hit -10C, the lowest recorded temperature ever in the area.

The freezing temperatures will also be especially devastating in Leeds, where temperatures are forecast to drop in the low 40s.

On the other side of the pond, temperatures in England will drop further in the south-west, where the freezing temperatures are projected to reach -14C.

And in the Midlands, temperatures are set to plummet into the 20s.

There will be very few temperatures above freezing in the region by Sunday afternoon.

And while those temperatures are going to get to be downright terrifying in Manchester and Leeds, they’re not going to do it anywhere near as bad in Leeds.

Temperatures in the North West are expected only to drop by around 5C, while temperatures in Leeds will drop in absolute terms by a whopping 15C.

So what does this mean for football fans?

Well, as a football fan, the heat is going in on the game, and you’re going to want to pack a jacket, if you’re staying in Leeds or Manchester.

But there are a few things you can do to help.

First, the UK has a number of cold weather measures in place to help you survive the heat in your local area.

So if you’ve got an umbrella or something, you should probably make sure to get that with you.

If you’re wearing a hat, be sure to wrap it around the brim of your head to keep the air in.

If there’s a cold wind, try to cover it up.

And if there’s no rain or fog, you could try to make yourself a shelter, and even lay a blanket.

If you’re not sure if your home has any good weather, or if you’d like to try your luck outside, the weather office in London, Liverpool, Manchester and Birmingham can help you decide what to do with the heat that will come your way.

In London, you’ll want to check the weather forecast before you head outside, and make sure you have a warm umbrella.

And in Manchester you can always check the city’s Twitter feed and Facebook page, as well as the BBC’s Twitter account.

And you can also consider staying indoors to save yourself from getting a little too hot.

A cold shower will not only keep you cooler than normal, it will also help to keep you from getting too hot from sweating.

But the best way to stay cool is to stay in a cool room or indoors, with a comfortable blanket and/or a windproof jacket.

If the weather gets too cold, consider bringing in some warm clothes.

As well as getting some warm clothing, you can keep your hair in order by covering your face with a hood or covering your ears with a hat.

And you should also bring some heat resistant socks to keep your feet warm, as this will also keep your body warm.

And if you don’t have much time to wait for the game to start, then there’s always a chance of a warm shower in the evenings, as the cold air will be blowing in the morning.

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