‘I was a child when he died’: Louie BodyDementia case’s heartbreaking timeline


— In the fall of 2016, Louie and Evelyn Lebron had a new child.

The former Olympian, a lifelong West Palm Beach resident, was just 10 months old.

But that’s not how the Lebrons’ world turned out.

“It was a rough time,” Evelyn recalled.

“It was hard for me to cope with her not being able to have her own family.”

Louie’s mother, Barbara, and her husband, Bob, who is a father to Evelyn’s twin girls, also struggled with the transition from their own lives to Evelynn’s.

Barbara’s son, Bobby, was born in February, two months before Evelynn was born.

Bobby’s father, Charles, is a former NBA player who played for the Orlando Magic, the New Orleans Pelicans and the New York Knicks.

Charles Lebront, the father of the twins, died in 2011, at age 84.

When Louie’s mom died in April of this year, the Leblons were left with their son.

Louie, the oldest of six children, had been diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) at age 8.

The Lebons, who were in a wheelchair, had begun living independently.

They moved into a rented apartment in the affluent West Palm Beaches, and had three children with their current partners, Joe and Diane.

But Evelyn continued to have physical limitations.

A week after Louie was born, Evelyn suffered a seizure while playing with her brothers.

In January 2017, the family was still in a state of shock when Evelyn died in her sleep.

Evelyn’s father had already been in the hospital for a month when he collapsed during a family vacation to New Orleans.

After he recovered, Evelynn had to have surgery.

Doctors placed a tube in her nose to help keep her oxygen levels in check.

While Evelyn was in the ICU, Louies father, Robert, was unable to work.

He was transferred to a local hospital in West Palm, and doctors began to think Louies brain damage might be reversible.

Then, in February 2018, Bob and Evelynn married.

That summer, Bob went back to work as a maintenance worker at a local bank, where he had been a security guard.

But his wife had become sick, and they decided to put him in a medically induced coma.

Robert died the following month, at the age of 87.

At the time, EveLyn’s condition was so severe that her doctors were concerned about the impact on her children.

On March 6, Bob’s doctors said Evelynn would need to be moved to a facility with less intensive care.

According to the lawsuit, that facility, in the small town of West Palm Gardens, was the Mount Everest BodyDekas Hospital.

Mount Everest was a former Everest Base Camp, and was operated on in 2006 by the West Palm Health Department.

Since then, the facility has been the focus of a federal lawsuit, filed by the Lebesons.

Before Louie Lebournes death, Evely and Bob had worked in the medical industry, and Bob Lebounes was a professor at Florida Atlantic University.

The Lebeson’s own work experience included stints as a physician and a physician assistant.

But Evelyn would not return to her previous job at Mount Everest.

And then, on April 12, 2018, a fire tore through the Mount Olympus BodyDegrees, a training facility for the Florida Institute of Medicine.

All of the patients were taken to Mount Everest, but Evelyn and Bob were taken out to Mount Olympus.

Despite the fact that the Lebisons had already suffered a loss of physical activity and a loss in quality of life due to Louie, Robert Lebontons was the only patient who survived.

Bob Lebougas was diagnosed with ALS and died in the emergency room at the University of Florida on April 24, 2019.

Because of his diagnosis, the entire Lebautons family was put in a temporary home at Mount Olympus, which is owned by the state.

Many in the community believed that the medical care that Evelyn received at Mount Eleon, where she was treated, was of lesser quality than what was provided at Mount West.

Even though Robert LeBougas, Eve’s father and the only person in the Leagues’ immediate family to receive medical care, was not the one who was diagnosed, the lawsuit said the Lebies suffered “extreme emotional distress” because of the “horrible tragedy.”

The family filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Mount Everest and Mount Everest Medical Center, which also was in financial trouble.

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