Trump takes aim at ‘liberal’ and ‘liberal media’ in Jerusalem speech

The Donald Trump campaign is making a big push for its first ever Jerusalem speech, calling for a “peaceful transition” and declaring “we will not permit the establishment of an apartheid state”.

Trump, who has made peace with Israel and is currently traveling to Israel for his first trip abroad since taking office, will address the United Nations General Assembly on Thursday.

The speech is the first major foreign policy speech of his presidency.

The Jerusalem speech is likely to be Trump’s first speech to the UN General Assembly since taking the helm of the UN last week, following his speech to a joint session of Congress in which he pledged to pursue a peace deal with the Palestinians.

“I would like to reiterate that we do not intend to make any further concessions to the Palestinians, nor to attempt to reach a settlement with them,” Trump said in his speech.

“We do not seek a negotiated settlement.

The world needs peace, and we will seek it from the heart, no matter how hard we try to resist it.””

I will be speaking in a moment about the Middle East peace process, but this is a critical time in history for our region.

The world needs peace, and we will seek it from the heart, no matter how hard we try to resist it.”

Trump has also been pushing for a peace agreement between Israel and Palestine, which he says will “give hope to our people and restore stability to the Middle Eastern region”.

He said on Monday that he will be meeting with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas “in the near future” to discuss the peace process.

Trump’s visit to Israel is also expected to be an opportunity for the Republican nominee to show he has a strong interest in the Middle North, a region that has been under threat from Iran for decades.

He has promised to “make Israel great again” and has called for Israel to be given “special status” on the UN Security Council, an important tool for ensuring Israel’s security.

“When Israel has the right to exist, when Israel has a right to live, we will have the right of return for all of the refugees,” Trump told the Israeli parliament last month.

“And I’m going to tell you, we have the same right to return to Palestine as well.

And we have a right of returning to Jerusalem.

We have a long history of living together, and I’m a very happy man when Israel does.”

In recent months, Trump has appeared to have shifted his stance on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, stating in an interview with CBS’s Face the Nation last month that he had “tremendous respect” for the Palestinians and that “they’ve done a tremendous job.”

The Trump campaign did not immediately respond to a request for comment from The Jerusalem Report.

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