What happens when you combine the heat of a tropical rainforest with the heat from a city?

The heat is enough to melt concrete.

The humidity is enough for mosquitoes to swarm.

The sun and the wind are enough to turn the leaves and bark white.

And the heat is what makes the sun and wind shine.

The first human-made climate experiment is now a reality.

That is the conclusion of a recent report from the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) which shows that the warming of the Pacific Northwest region has been a factor in record-breaking temperatures.

The heat wave was sparked by a combination of natural and human-induced climate change.

It also highlights how little we know about the factors that are responsible for climate change, and how the effects of climate change are far reaching.

The weather is an important factor in our climate and we need to understand it, said NOAA’s Dr. Ryan Maue.

“Climate change is a complex topic and it’s not clear how the world will respond.

It’s a challenge for us to understand the impacts and what is the appropriate response.”

The NOAA report, which was released in early December, focuses on the Northwest Pacific region, which has a long history of weather extremes.

It includes a drought that lasted nearly a decade and a heat wave that has been devastating in the past, as well as recent events such as the coronavirus pandemic and record heatwaves in California and the US West.

While this study is focused on Northwest Pacific, climate scientists have been watching the weather in other parts of the globe.

The US has the worst drought in the world, with one of the worst winters in recorded history, the US is currently suffering from a record-shattering heat wave, and a record number of wildfires have already destroyed homes.

In contrast, Canada has experienced a relatively mild climate.

And while the US has had record temperatures, it has also seen record heat.

In the Northwest, there have been record heat in the spring and summer, and record cold.

The temperature of the air near the coast has increased by around 2 degrees Celsius since 1970.

A recent study showed that the region’s average winter temperature was up by 1.3 degrees Celsius, compared with a previous year.

The effects of weather variability in the Pacific have been particularly striking in recent years.

As a result of climate warming, more of the West is experiencing unusually hot weather, and more than half of all coastal cities in the US have experienced temperatures over the high 90s.

A recent study found that extreme weather events were intensifying in the Northwest.

The average amount of rainfall in the region has increased from 2.2 to 4.6 inches, and it is the fourth-most affected region of the country, according to NOAA.

The report also points to how human-driven climate change is already having a measurable impact.

For example, a recent study from the University of California-Berkeley found that the West Coast has seen a 30 percent increase in extreme heat in just the past decade.

Other scientists agree that human-caused climate change will have a big impact on the Pacific region.

“There is a huge amount of potential in the climate that we are experiencing right now, and climate change has a huge impact on it,” said NOAA climate scientist Dr. Jennifer Francis.

“We are going to see that impact over the next 20 or 30 years, which will be a really big change for Pacific Northwest.”

It’s a big change that will impact all the places in the West, from the ocean to the prairies.

“The impact of the weather that we see in the East Coast, the Midwest and the Southwest, is going to be much worse, because we are going back to a warmer climate,” Francis said.

“It is going back into a cooler climate in the Midwest,” she added.

Climate scientists agree the region is likely to experience an even bigger warming over the coming decades, with more extreme weather, more wildfires and increased greenhouse gases.

It will also be more susceptible to drought, which Francis said will cause more extreme heat and drought events.

Francis said it will also require an effort from everyone, including the federal government.

“It is not enough to simply sit back and wait for a change in climate, because that climate change could also have impacts on the food security, the ability to build resilience, the economy, the health of communities,” she said.

The United States has already seen some of the effects, with drought across much of the nation, wildfires that have been devastating and extreme weather in the South and Midwest.

Francis said that the report should provide a blueprint for a more coordinated response to climate change across the US.

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