Why should I care about Emmett Till?

The killing of Emmette Till was a deeply personal event for her family, her mother, and others.

It took place over two years before Till’s family, and many of the people who knew her, were allowed to witness it.

Now, they are trying to hold their own memorial, one that will highlight the impact Till’s death had on them, her family and the wider country.

Emmetta Till’s funeral will be held on October 12, but it will be the first time the Till family has made public their plans for the day.

A group of her friends, including her mother and father, will be in attendance, along with her mother’s daughter, her sister, her niece and her cousins.

This will be their first public funeral, which is scheduled to begin at 11am.

“The family has had so much to say and so much done,” said Tawny Wright, the family’s national spokesperson.

The group of friends who are expected to attend will include Till’s brother, his wife, a brother-in-law, her two brothers-in, and a cousin. “

She was a young woman who had a very bright future ahead of her, but her life was torn apart by violence.”

The group of friends who are expected to attend will include Till’s brother, his wife, a brother-in-law, her two brothers-in, and a cousin.

Tawney Wright said the group will be made up of friends and relatives of Till.

The day before, Till’s mother, Betty Till, posted a Facebook message thanking everyone for their support, but also stating: “We will be having a private memorial.

The last time we had one, we were not allowed to.

Now that the process has been completed, I will have a memorial service and invite everyone to join us.”

It is a move that will be welcomed by the Till families and others, and it comes on the heels of the US Justice Department releasing a report into Till’s murder.

The report found Till was targeted because she was black and a woman.

In addition to being a civil rights leader, Till also was the mother of two daughters who attended the University of Chicago Law School, and she was a well-known member of the civil rights community.

In an interview with the Associated Press last week, Tawnye Wright said Till’s killers were motivated by their hatred for Till’s “race, gender and sexual orientation”.

The investigation found Till’s killer, Timothy Roper, confessed to killing Till on November 22, 2005.

Roper said he killed her because Till “asked him to.”

Roper was sentenced to death on December 6, 2009.

On Saturday, Taunye Wright wrote on Facebook that the family is working to hold the memorial as soon as possible.

“There is no better way to honour our beloved Emmitte Till than to honor her with a private ceremony,” she said.

“The family will be holding a private service, to honor Emmott Till’s memory and to make sure she is remembered for all that she did for our country and our nation.”

In her final Facebook post before her death, Till wrote that she would not let her “pain and sorrow” be “a barrier to the truth about the senseless murder of Emmet Till.”

The Till family and others who are supporting the memorial are hoping to raise more than $500,000 for the funeral.

A memorial service will be organised by the family, but they have said they want the public to be present and help with the process.

The family has previously said that the public can also be present at the memorial service, although the process will be private.

Tawny said she hoped to hold a “peaceful” memorial, where families and friends can sit together and discuss the details of the memorial, but that would be an open invitation only.

The family and community will also be invited to attend a private reception for the Till’s to celebrate the day and to hold fundraisers to support the event.

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