What’s your body language like during pregnancy?

Body language can be a major influence on how people perceive a person’s emotional state and the way they act during an encounter.

Here are some tips on how to use body language during pregnancy.

Pregnancy body language is a major topic of discussion among people who have experienced miscarriages.

For many, this is the first time they’ve ever had to deal with it.

Many of the questions and reactions they’ve had to this are as follows:What is your body mood?

What is the mood of your body?

What does your body feel like?

Is your body relaxed?

Are you feeling relaxed?

What are your muscles doing?

How do you feel about your body when it is not in a positive or negative emotional state?

What do you think about the physical appearance of your unborn child?

What should you do when you are in the middle of this?

What about your emotions and your body in general?

What will your body do when the baby comes?

What’s your reaction to the baby being born?

What happens when your baby is born?

Do you feel any change in your body and how do you react?

What you do while you are pregnant?

When you are feeling sleepy, how do your eyes react to that?

How long does it take for your baby to be born?

When your baby comes, will it be loud?

How loud is the baby?

Is there a baby smell?

Is the baby happy?

Are your nipples visible?

What color are your nipples?

Do your nipples hurt?

When is your baby born?

How old are you?

Is it a boy or girl?

What was the last pregnancy you had?

What kind of baby do you want?

What baby did you have?

What would you like to see in your baby?

How much does the baby weigh?

When are you expecting a baby?

What age do you have the baby for?

What type of baby does your baby have?

Do any of your friends have a baby in the next six months?

How many times have you had a baby yourself?

What has your baby been doing lately?

How often does your son or daughter play?

Do they seem to be getting along with each other?

Have they gone to school together?

Do people make eye contact with you when you talk to them?

When do you find your daughter or son?

What can you tell about their physical characteristics?

What else do you know about them?

What happened at the last time your daughter was born?

Have you had your baby in your arms for a long time?

When did you get pregnant?

What time is the last period of your pregnancy?

When was your last period?

Have any of the following things happened to your baby while they were growing?

Have people noticed any changes in your son’s body?

Have the baby’s teeth been pulled out?

Have your baby’s legs been folded or tucked up?

What did you say to the person you are with?

Have anyone noticed any signs of pain?

What sort of pain did you feel?

What were the first signs of any health problems you may have experienced while pregnant?

Have there been any physical injuries to your child while they are growing?

Has anyone noticed changes in how you walk or talk?

Have anything been done to your body while pregnant or have you experienced any of these?

Have all of the above problems occurred during your pregnancy or are you still in the process of developing your body into a child?

When were you last in a physical place?

When can you return to work?

What if your baby falls or is hurt?

Are there any side effects to the pregnancy?

Can you do anything to help prevent miscarriage?

Can anyone else who is pregnant find out what your body feels like?

Are the answers to any of this questions a bit unclear?

Is this information useful to you?

Have these questions helped you during your recent pregnancy?

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