What you need to know about the new body armor law

RTE 6 March 2018 By Chris Evans A new law that has been hailed as a “milestone” for women’s rights is due to go into effect on March 10.

The new law has been met with widespread criticism from both sides of the Atlantic, with the US Justice Department and women’s advocacy groups slamming it as a violation of the fundamental human rights of women.

While the law itself is in its early stages, the impact is already being felt. 

The National Women’s Law Center (NWLC), which has been closely monitoring the law’s development, released a statement on Monday, saying the law “is designed to make it harder for women to defend themselves and to keep their own homes free of sexual violence”.

The group also called the legislation “a shameful attack on our rights as women”.

“We are seeing a dramatic rise in women being beaten, raped, and murdered because they are perceived as a threat to the men in their lives, and this new law will only make it easier for them to be silenced and to be seen as weak or worthless,” the group said in the statement.

“The law is a direct attack on the basic human right to a safe and healthy environment in which women and girls can thrive.

It also undermines the very principles on which the United States was founded and enshrined as the land of opportunity.”

The Women’s Legal Education and Action Fund (WLEAF), a non-profit organisation that has fought for women in the US, also criticised the law. 

“The Women in Law Enforcement Act is a dangerous and unnecessary law that will harm women and their families,” WLEAF President Joanne Kelly said in a statement.

“We are deeply concerned that this law will lead to women being stripped of their rights and their homes, and that it will also lead to an increase in domestic violence.”

The US is one of only three countries that still prohibit domestic violence and assault.

However, many of the laws being considered in New York City were already in place in the state before the law was passed, according to Kelly. 

The law aims to make the laws “much more robust” in the wake of the horrific crimes committed by white supremacist gangs.

It aims to ensure that perpetrators of crimes against women can be prosecuted.

In its final draft, the bill includes a provision that would have allowed police to order women to wear body armor while under arrest.

It would also make it mandatory for police to notify a judge if a woman was arrested for domestic violence. 

While some women’s groups praised the proposed legislation, others condemned it. 

Women’s advocates, including those at the US Coalition for Responsible Solutions, said the law would “allow the police to threaten women with violence and to prevent them from having a fair trial.”

“Women are disproportionately impacted by domestic violence, especially when it occurs inside the home,” the coalition said in its statement. 

RTE 6 February 2018 By Ben Wills article RTe 6 February 20 In the wake to the horrific events of the Boston Marathon bombing, the police in New England have taken to wearing body armor and a hood to protect themselves from the worst of the aftermath. 

Police have also been seen using stun guns on people they suspect of being in possession of weapons, which are already banned under the new law.

“There is a real need to improve policing in the United Kingdom, and we need to work together to make sure that there is more training for police officers,” New England Police Commissioner Paul Dennett told the BBC. 

However, women’s advocates say the law is discriminatory. 

Natalie Smith from the National Association of Black Lawyers told RTE she felt the police had been targeted for using violence.

“We need to be careful that we don’t lose our humanity,” she said.

“It is really a disgrace that this has happened in the UK. 

This is a law that’s been put in place because we’ve seen that in the past in the way we’ve policed.

We’ve seen it in the ways we’ve dealt with people of colour, we’ve heard stories about the effects of the police on vulnerable communities, but I think we’ve lost a lot of our humanity.”RTE 4 February 2018 Ahead of the vote on the bill, the BBC has obtained footage of police using stun gun on a woman they believed was in possession, a decision that has left many people outraged. 

In a report published on Monday the BBC found the use of the stun gun was not justified, saying that the woman had “suffered significant physical injuries” and “had been assaulted and verbally abused”. 

“It was absolutely wrong to use the stun guns,” Police Inspector Simon Rutter told the newspaper. 

After reviewing the footage, police have apologised for the use and are investigating the use. 

 The UK police watchdog, the Independent Police Complaints Commission, has also confirmed it will look into the matter. 

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