How to kill a zombie without getting bitten

The first thing you need to know about zombies is that they can kill.

The second is that when they do, they can do so without suffering the consequences.

That is the crux of the subject.

A recent study in the Journal of Infectious Diseases found that when the undead can’t die, they will eat us alive, which means they can eat us to survive.

So what do they eat?

There are a variety of ways the undead will eat you.

Some will just rip your liver out and eat you alive.

Others, like a group of undead soldiers in the film “The Dark Knight,” will take your organs, rip them apart and eat them.

Some undead are able to eat your brains, the body parts that form the brains of most living creatures.

This is called a “brain death” because the zombie doesn’t know you are dead and just decides to go ahead and eat your brain.

And then there are those who, after surviving the zombie’s onslaught, can actually escape their doom.

They’ll climb up a building, steal a vehicle, and then run off.

This will be their “death” in the world of zombies, which is a bit like the movie version of the story of a zombie.

But in real life, these things rarely happen.

If you think zombies aren’t real, you needn’t worry.

If zombies do make an appearance, it’s usually as a result of a human or animal accident, like being hit by a car or being hit in the head by a bowling ball.

A zombie is not a sentient entity, like an animal or a computer.

They are not living, breathing human beings.

And, of course, if you are one of the undead, you’ll die soon after your resurrection.

It’s a good idea to have an exit plan.

It could be a quick run for your life, or you could run from a zombie with a gun and a knife.

A good exit strategy is to stay alive as long as you can.

If a zombie bites you or you get hit by an object, your body can’t respond and you’ll pass out.

When you wake up, your clothes will be soaked in blood and you will probably have severe internal bleeding.

And you will likely need stitches.

If this is your only option, you will die.

The fact that zombies don’t have hearts, lungs, or other organs makes it extremely difficult to stop them from eating you alive, even if you can fight them off.

There are many ways to get rid of zombies.

One method is to make a zombie “meatball” out of a corpse, then eat it with a knife or fork.

But, like with all things with humans, this method only works if you have a weapon that can cut through flesh and can kill zombies in the process.

Another way to eat zombies is to use a zombie’s mouth.

In one zombie movie, a zombie goes to a restaurant and eats a chicken that is already dead.

He then proceeds to kill the chicken with a baseball bat and then eats the corpse.

A third method is by making a zombie bite you, then eating you whole, like you’re a chicken.

The last method is just to kill zombies with a weapon, like cutting off their head with a fork.

Most people who have experienced a zombie attack think of the zombie as having a “mouth,” or something resembling a mouth, and the fact that it can have one means it can’t really kill you.

But that doesn’t mean it can never kill you, because zombies can still have a “deadly bite.”

A zombie can also bite a human, or they can bite you when you’re unconscious, like when you are in the womb.

This can kill you even if the zombie bites or eats you, as you’re still conscious and you’re not dead.

And if you’re bitten by a zombie, it will probably leave behind a trail of blood in the vicinity of the bite, so it’s not completely safe to eat.

Some people have actually had their bodies bitten by zombies.

This has happened to people who had been hit by cars, or people who were walking home alone and had fallen down a flight of stairs.

If these people have been bitten by the zombie, they may have noticed that their body parts were bloodied and bruised, and their faces looked pale.

Some have also reported feeling nauseous after being bitten.

There have been reports of people who survived an attack and have been hospitalized for weeks after being treated.

In these cases, doctors said they found that the person was not conscious when they received the bite.

The person may have had a mild case of post-traumatic stress disorder, but this condition is rare and usually not life-threatening.

Other survivors have been able to return to work or school and have started to exercise again, though this can be dangerous for some people.

A few survivors have survived to tell the story, and one woman, who was bitten by an undead zombie, had the audacity to tell her story to

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