How to carve out your body shape and shape to fit your style

Body sculpting is the art of creating the perfect body shape.

With this skill, you can sculpt out a look that’s both sexy and masculine.

But it can be challenging to find the right body type for the right person.

Body sculptors often work on a smaller scale than the average bodybuilder, but that’s because they have to focus on specific body parts that don’t necessarily look the same as a full-size model.

With that in mind, here are the 5 body types you need to work on to get the most out of your body.


Short, skinny, and slim This body type is more for those with shorter legs.

It also has a slim profile, which is ideal for people who like a low-maintenance look.

Bodybuilders and fitness models often have slim waists and narrow hips, so you might want to work your curves into your figure with some shape-shifting.

Bodybuilding and fitness model Ashley Hutton recently posted a tutorial on how to get that slim and toned look.

You can check out her video below to get a better idea of what bodybuilders and beauty bloggers have been doing.


Long, athletic, and muscular This body is ideal if you want to look muscular and athletic.

It’s ideal for bodybuilders who have strong legs and are in the weight room.

This type of body shape is best for those who are leaner than most people, as well as for those looking to look more muscular.

Bodybuilder and fitness blogger Kate Upton posted a video on how she created her perfect body, which you can watch below.


Long-limbed, athletic body This is a type of medium-to-long body shape that can look masculine in the winter, and feminine in the summer.

Body builder and fitness photographer Ryan McLeod is one of the best body sculptors around, so he often puts in a lot of work into getting the perfect look.

For example, he often adds a little bit of sculpting to the shape of his legs to make them longer.

You’ll also notice that he has a slight waist in the middle of his torso, which gives his body a more athletic look.


Short-limted, athletic and muscular, and short-limb, athletic Body shapes like these are great for women who are looking to get their curves in, but it’s important to work with a small waist.

These shapes are great if you like a slim waist, but they’re not great for someone with a toned figure.

Body builders and fitness bloggers have a ton of toned figures, so body sculptor and fitness enthusiast Tania Alix posted a tonally accurate video on YouTube about her own toned body.


Longer, muscular, athletic This is an ideal body shape for women with long legs.

Body designer Kate Upton has a long-limbs look that she uses to get her figure to look athletic and sexy.

You’re also likely to find long-slim models on Instagram, Instagram, and other social media sites, so keep that in the back of your mind as you start sculpting.

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