Bali body temperature rises to record high as a new coronavirus strain is reported

BALI, Pakistan (AP) Bali, a young girl who contracted the new coronavet virus, has a body temperature that is at record highs, according to the Pakistani health ministry.

The World Health Organization said Tuesday that Bali is the highest-ever recorded body temperature for a newborn in Pakistan, with a maximum of 95 degrees Celsius (180 degrees Fahrenheit).

The temperature was 102.5 degrees Celsius for a 4-week-old in 2014.

Bali, who was born with congenital bali, has been at the Lahore hospital for more than a week recovering.

A nurse at the hospital said she has been wearing a glove with the thermometer inserted inside her arm.

The temperature has risen to 104.9 degrees Celsius, which is a record for a child with congenitally affected lungs, the WHO said.

The average temperature for Pakistan is 100.4 degrees Celsius.

Balibazar resident Mohammad Asif, who is also a nurse, said Bali’s body temperature is “the highest I have seen it since I started working at the school.”

Balibaras doctor, Mohammad Ali said the temperature is the third highest in the country.

He said it has been stable since last week.

The country has seen several new cases of coronaviruses.

The latest case was confirmed Tuesday in the northern city of Lahore.

The hospital where Balibazar’s child was being treated is among a number in Pakistan that has been under strain due to the virus.

In August, Bali had a fever of 107 degrees Celsius and was in the ICU of the Lahori General Hospital.

She was in critical condition when she was transferred to a hospital in the capital, Islamabad, after the virus spread to Lahore, and then to the northern town of Balisar.

The health ministry said in a statement that the child’s temperature was “very high” at 101.3 degrees Celsius when she had her first blood transfusion in late August.

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