How to make the perfect rock album cover

In this installment of our series, we’re sharing some of our favorite album cover ideas for rock albums from the 80s and 90s.

The first half of this article was originally published on April 16, 2018.

Rock bands were the new pop star.

By the mid-80s, rock music was becoming a bigger and bigger part of pop culture, and the first major rock album was released, Rock of Ages, in 1987.

The album, a collaboration between the band Aerosmith and singer-songwriter Mark E. Smith, was the biggest-selling album of the decade, selling nearly 7 million copies worldwide.

Smith and his bandmates were at the forefront of a new wave of rock bands that were making pop music mainstream.

While the album was a hit, the pop culture landscape was changing rapidly.

By this time, the concept of a rock band was becoming increasingly mainstream, and pop culture had taken a backseat to the music itself.

While rock bands had been popular in pop culture for decades, the idea of a band as the next big thing had begun to take hold in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

By that time, it was already possible to make an album with a rock sound and sell millions of copies in the process.

That’s when the album covers started to change.

“It was the year of the album cover, and we were the first band to really capitalize on that,” says Steve Morris, a musician and the co-founder of the music publishing company Popcure.

“I remember when we released the first album cover and it sold like a million copies, and I think we did the same thing with the first two albums of the band that were released.”

The pop rock genre of the 80 and 90 years has become a big part of the pop music landscape and a big influence on how people consume music.

This was a time when people were consuming music through their smartphones, and there was also a time where the majority of music was being made with computers.

The most important thing about rock albums is that they are about the music, and that they’re about the singer-singers and the musicians, not the artist.

The Rock of Days was the first pop rock album, released in 1987, and it was the album that catapulted pop rock into the pop-rock mainstream.

“Rock of Ages is an example of that,” Morris says.

“Mark and I are two rock-star-style guys.

We’re in our twenties and we’re making music that we love.

We’ve made a couple of records, but we’re just friends.

I love him, I know him.

I know he loves music, so we do the best we can with what we’ve got.”

The music in Rock of Youth is a mix of pop, rock, and reggae, with a few nods to the more progressive genres of the time.

The song “Moves Like Jagger” is a classic pop rock number that is popular for its simplicity.

The lyrics are catchy, and Morris, who also sings on the album, describes the song as being about “the joy of life in a way that is a little bit hard to understand and maybe not as fun as you might think.”

Morris and Smith, who are both rock stars themselves, both say that they created the album “for us, and to express the things that we loved most about being in the band.”

The album cover features Smith’s iconic “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame” logo, which is the same logo used on the Rock of Thrones DVD, a television show based on the rock band AerOSmith.

“This is a song that was a part of our life for a while, and our life is about the rock and roll of this era,” Smith says.

Morris, whose name is pronounced “moore” and who was born in San Diego, Calif., adds that the song was a reference to the song “It’s Gonna Be Me,” by the band Muddy Waters.

“We wrote this song, and Mark was like, ‘Well, this is what it’s gonna be like when the Muddy-Waters come to town,’ ” Morris says of the song.

“So we wrote the song ‘It’s gonna Be Me’ to celebrate that moment.”

Morris remembers one song on the soundtrack, “Tiny Victories,” being written as a tribute to the band.

“A lot of the songs on the record are just about this time,” Morris said.

“There’s this song called ‘We’ve Got It All.’

It’s about this whole ‘I’m gonna do it’ attitude.

We wanted to make this record as a rock album.”

The cover itself is a nod to the film of the same name.

“The music is the soundtrack,” Morris recalls.

“And we made the cover as a homage to the movie.

That was a big thing for us, to have it on the cover.

It’s like, yeah, this album is about our lives.” Smith says

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