Why you should take your body art seriously

The world’s first full-body tattoo in the U.S. is getting a second life, as Lenin Body Tattoo is getting in on the action with a body art show on Friday.

The show, titled “Body Art: Body of the Year,” will feature the work of local artists.

Lenin, a Philadelphia tattoo studio, will be showcasing body art for its 15th year at the New York City Tattoo Expo.

The first Lenin show in the United States, in 2009, was called “Body of the Century,” but that event was held in Brooklyn.

This year, Lenin is looking to expand the event to include more local artists and more of the nation.

“We are really excited to showcase the talent of the Lenin Tattoo crew,” said Lenin’s chief creative officer, Emily Tannen.

“It’s the perfect way to show our support for the city and artists that create the art.”

For the Lenins first show, Tannens team decided to expand it to include a larger variety of artists, which led to a show of 60 artists and over 500 participants.

“They all have their own style, their own signature,” said Tannenberg.

“They all come from different places in the country and are all really, really talented and have really good taste.

We are really proud of the art they’re showing.”

The show will take place at the Javits Center in New York, with a lineup of artists and a special panel.

Lenins artists will be invited to give feedback, share tips, and share their inspiration for Lenin.

For the show, the Lenincans artists will also be taking on a new challenge.

“The main reason why I love doing this is because it’s a chance to show my creativity,” said Eric Johnson, Lenins art director.

“I have always loved drawing and I’ve always loved doing the tattoos.

The fact that I am able to do something like this, where I can be part of it, it’s kind of a surreal feeling.”

Johnson said that this year’s Lenin body art is a “real tribute to the people that work here.”

“They work hard,” said Johnson.

“Some of them are very hard-working.

I have to say that I feel like I am part of this team.

I don’t know if I will be part or not, but I am excited to be part.”

The Lenincan body art will be sold at the show.

For more information, visit LeninBodyTattoo.com or call (718) 537-1240.

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